Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

Just Explore Pindul Cave And River Tubing

Vacation....vacation....yeah...vacation is coming, Holiday is good time having relax with friends, and we went to Gunung kidul for the new alternative Tour for this time. The activity is one of tourist attraction which is located within Bejiharjo Village in Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul, about 50 kilometers from city of Yogyakarta. Pindul Cave offers a set of interesting natural scenery and unique traveling experience. This cave provides a different style of enjoying activity. Especially, when you are laying on a set of tubes, you can enjoy drifting along the Pindul River underground with its unique caves. It filled with a cluster of bats, the magnificient stalactites within.

prepare for our trip

 we are Ready

 Ready to enter the cave with nice tubing

its really FUN

after explore The cave times to take picture

 Oyo river tubing located not far from Pindul cave. Eyes will be spoiled with views of very beautiful cliffs' karst. Not to mention the views of local communities that often greet us at the moment they were fishing.

 nice to take picture together with the blue sky background

yeah, we are ready for the next Trip

my pose on the rock

we should ready

yuhuuuu, let we flow

After that, we can take a rest accompanied by a beautiful sceanery, while enjoy a glass of hot tea and some snack, we call it Gorengan. and sitting under the tree and see the beautifull ricefield. Well, these are my story, when we spent time for vacation in Pindul Cave, together is fun.

Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

yummi snacks from Kotagede

well, guys.Kotagede has many kind of special snack. the famous one is Kipo. Kipo is typical food of Kotagede made of glutinous rice, contains enten-enten or grated coconut mixed with javanese sugar or brown sugar. The shape of  kipo is small round oval with a presentation always placed on a banana leaf. but know not many people known another snack from Kotagede such as Kembang waru cake.  I want to share about special snack in Kotagede. its very delicious.. Kembang Waru cake is the name of a traditional cake that many manufactured in Kotagede Jogjakarta. 
these are Kembang waru cake

Although the cake still can be found, but not sold in the shop, stalls and supermarkets.

In Kotagede, we can find also Chocolate also. we can menton it chocolate Monggo. Chocolate Monggo is a home-made chocolate created in full respect of the old tradition. The genuine taste of Chocolate Monggo with 58% of cocoa gives a strong feeling of pleasure and offers a high quality without preservatives or vegetable fats added except pure cocoa butter and finest Indonesian cocoa beans.
 taster at Monggo chocholates industry

so guys, if you visit jogjakarta, dont forget to drop in and explore jogja, and get more experience detail there.

Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011

Explore Awesome Temple's

Explore Jogja temple area

well, beside famous in beauty beaches of Indonesian,  art, and culinary. Indonesian has known become one of center temple areas. indeed, beautiful ornamen of the temple, and also historical and story.

 Borobudur Temple

 Stupa Borobudur

 Sunset Prambanan

 Prambanan from garden

 Sunset Prambanan

 Ramayana ballet

 Ratu Boko Palace

 Plaosan temple

Mendut temple

well guys, still many more hidden temple in jogja area, they are buddhist and hindhust temple. even you  want visit them, you can visit them by car or motor bike for easier. or if you prefer by bicycle or on foot u also can reach them.