Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

Krakal beach, with white sand and fresh air

hi guys, by the way talk about natural tourist attraction to declare long holiday and summer. i found new place in south of Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.  there is a new tourist attraction ya, who like traveling, please try to visit the attractions in Gunung Kidul, because here a lot of very interesting tourist attraction.

krakal beach the quite and clean beach with white sand
One coastal tourism, nature tourism offers the charm of the beautiful beaches which is very charming with white sand and coral rock carved into a natural. A resolution that need to be aware tour be held strongly to Gunung Kidul and make famous to  international tourism. The lack of promotion and lack of infrastructure that needs improvement to attract more tourists to visit this place. but it should also holding tourist attraction for a tour of different treats. friendliness of people around, the green natural surroundings, as well as shade trees along the way to the beach a tourist attraction is also a strong impetus to attract tourists to visit this place. more or less travel time approximately 2 hours from the city of Yogyakarta to reach the goal. fatigue will be paid after we touch  foot on the white sand beach with a gentle breeze. As you  like to get during the holidays with our  friend, girlfriend, or your family with a tour and get together.

Watu KendiL,

Yellowed rice field looks green. Arranged beautifully in a rice field boxes. splended  viewed from a height. Slightly oblique to the north, the majestic Mount Merapi, Merbabu, Mount Sindoro very fascinating. with Borobudur. All this scenery even more beautiful in the morning, when the sun emerged revealing fog, forming a silhouette. In short, all the perfection of this indescribable scenery.
Watu Kendil was a stone on the hilltops Menoreh can achieve approximately 20 minutes by bike from the Village Head Office Candirejo. But if you want to walk alone, could be faster, because there own route closer than the ride vehicle to rotate. It’s an amazing stone in the top of Menoreh Hill, since like to fall but it never. You can see the clearly of Borobudur Temple scenery and the real village ambience. After that we will continue our journey to Suroloyo. Known as staircase to heaven, it’s about 1000m above sea level, the place where King and Queen of Java used to have a meditation. You will see the four volcanoes such as Merapi, Merbabu , Sindoro and Sumbing from the top and the cloud feel like we are on the heaven, you will see Borobudur Temple is only small point from this place. And surrounding this area is the source of asyri oil and others popular herbs from Java. You will enjoy this experience with some tea or coffee goes with light snack. after traveling about two miles, you’ve arrived at an area Watu Kendil. There you will find a pile of stones shaped Kendil – like a ball stone – attached to the larger stone. Uniquely, the stone had been shaped Kendil never fallen even looks just stick. From this area you can also see the flow of the Progo River snaking like a ring. It’s beautiful.
Watu Kendil handicraft products is usually done by mothers. They used to gather and work in a building used as a center of handicraft industry Kendil Watu. Initial process begins with the selection of craft-making pandan leaves. Then remove the thorns on the leaves, cutting as necessary, boil it, and finally dried for removing the green chlorophyll of leaves. After all the sequence traveled, stayed had a variety of weaving pandanus handicraft. The process of traditional art on this one too can you see yourself.

Senin, 13 Juni 2011

Tembi Tourism Village

Tembi Village is located in Timbulharjo, Sewon District, Bantul, about 8 km to the South of the Kraton of Yogyakarta.
To get to Tembi Village, take any bus bound for Parangtritis beach from Jl. Parangtritis and get off at kilometre 8.4 on the highway, Tembi is 400 m east of here along a side road.
Tembi Village history is started from Katemben, a place where the king's children of Majapahit age was playing. Accorded to the story, if a tourist staying at Tembi Village more than seven days he or she will success like the king's children. 
Tembi’s people still keeps their Javanese culture well. Most of them are farmers but some of them also work as craftmen. Handicraft products from Tembi tourism village are very unique and become the most attractive side of Tembi where visitors can find it only in Tembi.  In this village also visitors can see directly the activities of the citizens of this village, mudal of farming, raising up to the traditional arts activity in this village. 
This village offers visitors the local people’s daily life such as farming, planting rice, cultivating the rice fields with buffalo, other cultural activities and also handicrafts. 
In addition, in this village there are also cultural house which occupies an area of Tembi 3000 meters square and was established starting in 2007. Buildings are designed with this Java architecture was originally functioned as a center of culture and art. In this place there are many collections of art and cultural objects, ranging from the pavilion building is filled with a set of Javanese gamelan, gallery or museum space, to the library. The museum collection has reached thousands more, from the art equipment, traditional weapons, tools kids games, batik equipment, to kitchen appliances are all ethnically Javanese. 

Accomodations and Facilities
This village prepare some inns. Visitors can stay at D'Omah, near Bamboo Pendopo or stay together at local's resident. All of the buildings have the same limasan shape. If visitors want to get complete facilities , they can choose at D'Omah but if they want to mingle with local people they better choose at local's home.