Selasa, 13 September 2011

Bakwan, Indonesian special snack

Who don't know this snack?? For Indonesian people I think all people already knew. Usually this snack served with sambal, tomato sauce or no, it depends your mind. Although, you can eat it with nasi or steam rice with vegetable.

The material for this is only flour, chicken egg, carrot, cabbage, corn, bean sprout,onion leaf, and just for seasoning u can add little bit salt, sugar, or MSG( additional seasoning)
here are the procces to make it: 
let see....

pound and mix all ingredients  

if it's too runny add a little more flour

try one tbs to make one corn cake

fry until golden brown

serve with chilli sauce's so delicious. i like it very much, i hope u can try, u can add more additional some shrimp as well as you like. if u dont have time to make it, u can find it in every side of street who sell "gorengan" it means they sell many kind of fried's. try it wit row chilly

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